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Inspired by passion and joy!

During my college years, I was doing woodwork to make extra money on the side. Little that I know, my passion for creative craftsmanship and tools will continue to consume me thereafter. So, I built things in my spare time around my house and for my friends. I even built a brick pizza oven in my backyard to entertain friends, family, and even my neighbors!

When Covid hit, and I lost my corporate executive job, I needed to do something that brings piece and joy back to my life. There I went back to my tools and the beauty of natural wood and colorful epoxy. At first, I did it for fun and gave away what I made to my friends and relatives. Now I’m trying to share with you, hoping my work will enrich your experience and life.

As I strive for perfection and quality, I use only top-quality products and materials including the wood, epoxy resin, and finishing. Every piece is an experience grade and should be always pleasant to use, touch and look at every day.

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